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Photo gallery under construction.

For the most recent video productions please visit my youtube page.

"3" - Short Film

"Alexis Muhl" - Promo

"Beyond The Stars" - Short Film

"Chelsea Thompson" - Music Video

"End Of The Road" - Short Film

"Closer To You" - Short Film

"Reflection" - Short Film

"Procrastination" - Short Film/Musical

"Super Sunday" - Web Series

"You Are All It" - Kickstarter Promo

"Special Delivery" - Short Film

"Heels On Weels" - Web Promo

"Brewline" - Documentary

"Brave, Bold, Raw" - Vlog/Interview

"Bokeh What" - Experimental

"Bellasio" - Commercial Promo

"Arcata Playhouse Remodeled" - Documentary

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